O’Brien’s attends two logistics network conferences and wins award

October 2015 has been a very busy month for Jan and Shane O’Brien as both attended two big logistics network conferences in Thailand:

Both conferences aim to empower its members by enhancing connections and reinforcing the philosophy of on-going and continuous quality improvement.

The O’Brien Forwarding Team with their GLN Most Valued Member Award 2015

Jan O’Brien holds the GLN Most Valued Member Award in Oceania for 2015 together with their Forwarding Team.

Global Logistics Network (GLN) gives highest regional award to O’Brien in 2015

O’Brien was awarded the Most Valued Member in Oceania for 2015 during the 13th Annual GLN Conference. This is the third consecutive award given to O’Brien’s by GLN.

Jan and Shane O’Brien said of the award given, “We are honoured to receive this award (Most Valued Member in Oceania for 2015). We are happy to be a member of this growing organization.”

Owners Shane and Jan O’Brien accepted the award at The Berkeley Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand during the said conference held on October 4-7, 2015.

Global Logistics Network 13th Annual Conference event highlights

With over 4,000 one-on-one meetings within the 3-day conference, GLN’s 13th Annual Conference solidified many friendships and empowered members from around the world. Below is a glimpse of what happened during the course of the event:

Welcome party

The members of GLN were welcomed by a live band and delicious dinner buffet. They were given the chance to sit, unwind and catch-up with some of their global partners.

Global Logistics Network Welcome Party in Thailand

The above pictures shows some of the event highlights during GLN’S Welcome Party

One-on-one meetings

Members were given the time to exchange ideas, empower business goals and increase network reach through one-on-one meetings.

Global Logistics Network's One-On-One Meeting

The above pictures shows GLN’s members engaged in one-on-one meetings

With Najeeb Ashraf from Allied Cargo System, Pakistan

Allied Cargo System is a trusted international freight forwarding, customs clearance, and cargo inspection company in Pakistan, and is O’Brien’s partner in the country.

The O’Briens meet Pakistan agent, Mr. Najeeb Ashraf

Shane and Jan O’Brien meet their Pakistan agent and Managing Director of Allied Cargo System, Mr. Najeeb Ashraf.

Cultural evening

The GLN Members were given the option to dress in their traditional clothes, as they enjoy the diverse cuisines prepared by the Berkeley Hotel.

Global Logistics Network's Cultural Evening

The above pictures shows GLN’s Cultural Evening. Members are given the option to dress in their traditional clothes.

Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) 2015 Conference event highlights

O’Brien joined the EGLN after being invited in May 2015 by EGLN’s Founder Roy Stapleton.

One of the conference’s goals is to foster cooperation amongst the EGLN family to work together towards the leaders’ vision for the organization and its members. Among the topics discussed in the event were the following:

  • Referrals of like-minded companies to the organization
  • e-Airway Bill (AWB) adoption: Single process operations
  • e-security declarations: In countries where it is adopted
  • Strict adherence to Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)
  • Implementation of new Cargo Agency program

One-on-one meetings with members

Over 4,500 one-on-one meetings amongst 151 attendees representing 90 companies was conducted which is vital in raising everyone’s knowledge, as well as teamwork. This has opened doors to potential business opportunities considering past and current ventures and trends.

“I wish you all successful meetings as this is the start of a new journey and it is only as good as the people here ‘working together’ to make it happen,” remarked Stapleton.

A look at the future of Elite Global Logistics Network

The Elite Global Logistics Network has high hopes that it will have over 250 members in more than 100 countries by 2016, with a projected aggregate annual revenue of USD 4 billion.

“I wish to THANK YOU ALL for being here and for the support you have extended to my new venture – you’re all special people to me.” — Roy Stapleton

In photos: O’Brien and partners meet in Elite Global Logistics Network Thailand Conference 2015

Jan and Shane had the opportunity to meet their partners from different countries. Here are some of their photos:

With Andras Karolyi from BL Road and Sea Ltd, Hungary

Established in 1999, BL Road and Sea Ltd. is O’Brien’s partner in Hungary. The company specialises in overseas transportation and related services.

Jan and Shane O’Brien meet Hungary agent, Andras Karoyli

Shane and Jan O’Brien meet Hungary agent, Andras Karoyli, Managing Director of BL Road and Sea Ltd.

With Mark Brodie from Global Transportation Management, LLC, USA

Also known as GTM, O’Brien’s partner in the USA is an “asset-based global transportation and logistics company focused on delivering competitive, safe and premier transportation, warehousing and logistics services to our customers throughout the world.”

Jan and Shane O’Brien meet Managing Partner, Mr. Mark Brodie

Shane and Jan O’Brien meet their US agent and Managing Partner, Mr. Mark Brodie from Global Transportation Management.

With the staff of Seabra International Movers & Logistics Co. Ltd, Thailand

Founded on 1989, O’Brien’s Thailand partner “provides professional export packing and shipping of household goods, residential and office moves, customs clearance, transportation, document storage, general warehousing, and relocation services such as home search, school search, and general orientation.”

The O’Briens with their Thailand agents from SeaBra International

Shane and Jan O’Brien meet their Thailand agents from Seabra International Movers & Logistics Co. Ltd..

With Finbarr Cleary from Celtic Forwarding Ltd., Ireland

Celtic Forwarding Ltd. has been in the business since 1979. It is the country’s leading international freight forwarding company with over 30 years’ experience in moving goods worldwide.

Shane and Jan O’Brien with their Irish agent, Mr. Finbarr Cleary

Shane and Jan O’Brien sharing a pose with their Irish agent and Managing Director of Celtic Forwarding Ltd., Mr. Finbarr Cleary.

About Elite Global Logistics Network

Know more about the Elite Global Logistics Network via their website.

Know more about the Elite Global Logistics Network via their official website.

Even before its first year of founding, 131 “best in class” freight and forwarding companies across the globe have already joined the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN).

The organisation’s primary thrust is to achieve a six-star organization stature that focuses on its members’ needs. It also aims to encourage its shipper and consignees to observe “Key Performance Factors” in support of EGLN affiliates.

Such was the expressed intent of logistics and freight forwarding experts, Roy Stapleton and Des Vertannes when they founded EGLN in 2015.

The CEO and Members Ambassador, respectively, have credentials spanning over four decades of experience and expertise in the field — a weighty reason why the said 131 founder members did not hesitate joining upon being invited. EGLN membership is currently by invitation only.

About O’Brien Customs and Forwarding Pty. Ltd.

Starting as a family business in 1996, O’Brien has grown to be one of Australia’s leading customs clearance and freight forwarding companies. O’Brien offers the following services:

Know more about O’Brien Customs & Forwarding today.

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