Jeffrey Ye of O’Brien becomes licensed customs broker

O’Brien Customs & Forwarding proudly congratulates Jeffrey Ye from our customs department on becoming a licensed customs broker.

“We are very proud for Jeffrey’s achievement. He prepared hard to get this license,” said Shane O’Brien, Managing Director of the company.

Jeffrey Ye becomes a licensed customs broker

Jeffrey Ye becomes a licensed customs broker

With an additional licensed customs broker, O’Brien further expands its ability in providing cost efficient customs clearance and brokerage services to importers and exporters.

From freight forwarding to customs brokerage

Jeffrey started work with O’Brien Customs and Forwarding in December 2010. He was originally part of the freight department, but was later transferred to the customs department as a compiler in January 2014.

“When Jan O’Brien transferred me from freight to customs in January 2014, it provided me broker-like responsibilities and critical “acquired experience” needed to become licensed. I really appreciated company’s trust and consideration of each employee’s career,” said Jeff.

The road to becoming a licensed customs broker

Jeffrey studied at Holmesglen. Here, he recieved help from customs industry experts such as Ray Brown and Fred Gibson. He also attended their pre-exam preparation sessions. The help from O’Brien’s from transferring to the customs department ensure he all all this things to successfully make it through the licensing process.

“As a medium sized family owned business, we have a teamwork culture. The entire organization is like a big family where everyone helps and supports each other.” Jeffrey stated.

O'Brien Customs and Forwarding has a great team culture

O’Brien Customs and Forwarding has a great team culture. Look at our 2015 Christmas celebration

“Shane O’Brien sent me to numerous Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions held by Freight Transport Association (FTA) and Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia Inc. (CBFCA) to ensure I was kept up to date as part of the preparation. They really invested much on me, to this I am most thankful,” he added.

His day to day work has played a vital role in achieving his license. He extended his thanks to his customs manager, Mark Jackson, senior broker, David Wellington and Ken Hess for their daily mentorship.

“I am very proud to work for O’Brien Customs and Forwarding which is a long standing member of CBFCA, member of Freight and Trade Alliance and Platinum member of Global Logistics Network. Working for O’Brien enables me to get access to the latest customs regulations, industry lawyer legal advice and other updates,” boasted Jeffrey.

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