Emma Maher on becoming an Australian citizen

May 2016 – The O’Brien Customs & Forwarding team is proud to congratulate Emma Maher of on becoming an Australian citizen. It has been a long six year journey for her and her husband, Mossy.
Read on to learn more about their journey in becoming Australian citizens.

Emma and her husband holding their Australian citizenship certificates.

Emma Maher with her husband, Mossy, happily holding their certificates

Australian citizenship ceremony attended by Emma and Mossy

Photo taken during the citizenship ceremony attended by Emma and Mossy

A dream come true for Emma

Ever since her childhood days, it has been Emma’s dream to go to Australia. She did so after she had watched “Home and Away”, an Australian TV soap opera.

Irish recession and the move to Melbourne

Ireland experienced a financial crisis in the year 2008. The Irish government introduced a guarantee covering the debts of the country’s bank. Sadly, this move sank their economy.
By the year 2009, Ireland’s unemployment rate has reached 11%, lost its AAA debt rating and public finances continued to deteriorate.

As recession continued to deepen in Ireland, Emma and Mossy (boyfriend then) went to Melbourne for a year with a working holiday visa. She was fresh out of college with no work experience in her field whilst Mossy is a carpenter with no work available in Ireland.

They chose to stay in Melbourne, which is voted to be the most liveable city in the world since 2011.

The road to getting Australian citizenship

Once they decided they would like to stay more than 1 year, Emma and Mossy completed their 90 day regional farming work during their one year working holiday visa. This gave them an opportunity to get a second year working holiday visa.

In their second year, Mossy was offered sponsorship from the company he was working for. He was granted a four year working visa and Emma went de-facto on his.

After two years of sponsorship visa, they applied for Permanent Residency. This was granted in November 2014. A year after, they applied for citizenship.

Applying for Australian citizenship

The application for Australian citizenship involved more paperwork, applications, police checks, interview and finally sitting on an exam.

When asked what was the most difficult part of the process, Emma remarked, “The waiting!!!!!!”

Today, they are now a full-fledged and certified Australian citizen – you bewdy!

Australian Citizenship Pledge

The Australian citizenship pledge

A peek at Emma’s life in Australia

Emma and Mossy, got married last October in Ireland. Although no children yet, they have two dogs to keep them company. Emma reckons they are the real Aussies in their house.

Emma’s dual citizenship

Amidst earning Australian citizenship, Emma never gave up her Irish citizenship.

“I have dual citizenship. I would never give up my Irish citizenship,” she mentioned.

“I will always be Irish in my family’s eyes and mine. They are very happy for me to be living in Australia. They love how much we have progressed in life since being out here. We bought our own house about a year ago which has made them very proud of us”, she added.

Emma on finally becoming an Australian citizen

The couple has already stayed in Melbourne for almost six years. They did so using different visas nearly every year. With them becoming Australian citizens, they won’t be any that visa stuff anymore.

“I love being in Australia. This is one of the reasons we decided to get the citizenship as we see ourselves here indefinitely. It makes life in Australia feel more secure and our future holds more prospects,” she stated.

Emma and O’Brien Customs and Forwarding

Emma has been working in the O’Brien’s freight department for more than four years. She is tasked with organising imports into the country for clients.

Everyone at O’Brien Customs and Forwarding is delighted to know of Emma’s success in becoming an Australian citizen.

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