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Listed below are the most common forms we use in servicing our clients. Download it online for speedier processing of your documents.

Our international freight forwarding forms

The following are the international freight forwarding forms we use
in transacting business.

Credit application

This is an official document confirming you will pay all debt collection fees O’Brien incurs in the movement of your goods.

Customs letter of authority

This is the sample letter authorising O’Briens to act in behalf of its clients.

Terms and conditions

This form contains the general contractual conditions provided by O’Brien Customs & Forwarding Pty Ltd to all its international freight forwarding services.

Shippers letter of instruction/Interim receipt 

This form specifies the details of the cargo to be handled by O’Brien.

Annual packing declaration

This is utilised by companies who consistently import the same commodities from the same supplier providing the same packing materials. It helps reduce the need to acquire a unique packing declaration each time you move a containerised cargo.

EFT client authorisation form B322 

This form allows O’Brien to quote their client’s nominated bank account details.

Official documents and reference from Australian customs service (Customs)

Customs direct debit form B320 

This is an official document authorising Customs to arrange funds to be debited from a nominal account for the payment of duties/GST of imported goods.

Order to pay Agent form B923 

This allows our clients to authorise O’Brien to receive payment in behalf of them.

INCOTERMS quick reference guide

Browse through this document and be familiarised with the INCOTERMS used in Australia and around the globe.

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